And it starts…

Well after watching the rain earlier this morning I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get out. However, the clouds are breaking up, the sun is coming out, and the birds are starting to sing, look likes it’s time to hit the course!

My disc golf bag

My bag is always packed and ready to go. It looks a little sad, but that is only because it's the morning.

This will be the first time going out while doing this blog. My plan is to do what I am doing now, tell people I’m heading out. Probably mention the park, which I think will be Oshtemo Township Park, and who I am going with, which right now is my father-in-law and possibly my friend Andy.  I should also mention the discs, but since I’m going with all that I own, I won’t go over that now.  So that is the first part, then I should tell people what my goal is going to be.  I have gone to this park multiple times, so I kinda know how I do, therefore my goal is for me to throw four per hole.  Then I plan on making quick posts while playing in case something crazy happens, and after the game letting people know how I did.

This is the point of this blog.  I want to track how I am doing and then see if I improve.  So, here we go!


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