Memorial Day = Disc Golf?

This upcoming three day weekend is a perfect opportunity to go out and hit the course.  I mean come on, it’s three days of no work (for most of us, sorry for those that have to work on the weekend, but I’m sure you probably have your own weekend, so you can figure it out) I’m sure you can find a couple of hours to go out to a park and toss a disc at 18 baskets.  Since this is usually considered the start of the summer, what better way to kick off the start of the season with a great game?

I know that I will be going out, finally, and to top it off it’ll be a new place for me.  I plan on checking out Lake Township Park, over by Lake Michigan.  Looks like a neat place, apparently hole 3 is their premier hole, which is a straight shot along a tree line.  Actually, a lot of their holes look like straight shots, which should be interesting for me, since I’m more of a zigzag guy.  And it looks like the course is on a park, with hole 9 going over a soccer field, which will be interesting if people are playing soccer.

I’ll be going with my father-in-law and my nephews, which should be fun.  They have gone before, so there won’t be any teaching, only schooling!!! 😉

Life has been crazy the last couple of weeks, so I’m really looking forward to finally being able to hit the course again, helps get me in my zone.  And besides, I need to get ready for the big plans my family has at the end of the summer…something about a major tour of the disc golf course on the west coast of Michigan, updates to follow…

Enjoy the sun this weekend, go out to a course, and aim for the chains!!

*by the way, let me know what you did this weekend.  Tell me if you went out, how you did, and what course you went to.


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