Is this wrong?

Life happens.

And when you think it’s slowed down to a point where you can manage it, something else comes and throws a turbo boost under your wheels and you are speeding along the track at a pace where you can’t see everything again.

This is how you lose track of your goals.  Such as trying to get better at disc golfing by going out to the course as much as possible.  I was hoping that having this blog would help focus me on that goal.  It has, but in a way to make me mad at myself for not being able to reach this goal.    But, I do think about disc golfing a lot, especially trying to come up with great ideas for this blog for times such as this.  Times where I don’t get to go out to the course as much as I want.  I guess this is a good test at my time management skills.

Which somewhat leads me to this post.  Life.  As in my wife and I are looking for new house and all I can really do is look at the backyard and ask myself: “is this yard big enough to practice disc golf in?”

Is that wrong?


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