Planning the big tour

There are so many great disc golf courses in Michigan that I wish I could visit them all, at least once.  It would be nice to be able to say that I’ve tried them all and I have my favorites that I think you should check out.  I think that would really help boost my coolness level here on the blog, don’t you?

Well, I am working on this goal.

At the beginning of August, I will be touring the west site of the state with my brother-in-law, Mario, and my father-in-law.  We are planning a weekend of hitting about eight courses, four a day.  I believe that’s a nice amount, considering drive time, finding the course, figuring out the course, and then moving on to the next one.  Oh, and we plan on trying to stop by some Michigan breweries as well…so that might slow down our progress a bit.

The eight courses have been picked.  This past weekend, we got together and poured over the book Disc Golf Michigan, a book that I have talked about before (see here).  There is a great map at the beginning of the book that shows you where all of the courses are, and we used this to guide our way north and then again back south.  We are planning to head up toward Big Rapids and then come back south closer to the coast, making stops in Grand Rapids and Holland.

Courses in Michigan

Here is a map of courses in Michigan. Courtesy of Disc Golf Michigan

In the next couple of weeks I plan on mentioning the courses we going to, giving my initial reactions to the reviews that I read and if I find online posting the maps.  I also plan on doing a lot more practicing, sharing my results and what I need to improve on.  Obviously, if you have advice, please share it with me, I’ll take it.  And finally, I’m planning on creating a t-shirt for the three of us to wear, so I’ll share the designs and get your opinion on them.

Hopefully you enjoy this little adventure and tour we are going on, and maybe inspire you to do one as well this summer.


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