Naming the tour

As some of you may know, I am going on a tour of some west coast Michigan disc golf course with my father-in-law and brother-in-law.  This is something we have wanted to do for quite some time, and when I picked up the “Disc Golf Michigan” book, it became a reality.  Over father’s day weekend the three of us sat over the book and mapped out the courses we want to see and play.  Now that it’s planned the next steps for me including creating an awesome t-shirt, practice, and telling you guys about the courses we are going to hit.  But, before I come up with the shirt I have one problem, I need to name the tour.

It’s got to have a cool name that can possible carry over for a number of years.  It’s also got to be something not boring.  I mean come on, this is going to be pretty sweet, so it’s got to have a name to fit the sweetness of the weekend.  Finally, it also has to make sense.

Here are the quick details of the weekend:  eight courses on the west side of Michigan, we are all family, we plan on hitting up some local breweries to try to some rockin’ beer, and it’s a weekend.

This is where you guys come in.  I need your help with the name.  Give me some suggestions and we can vote on the one we like.  If it gets picked, I will buy you a disc!  Come on, a free disc!  Just for naming a family tour!  Post it on here, and it needs to be soon, so let’s say I need something by the 19th of July.

Let’s see what you got.



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3 responses to “Naming the tour

  1. Well…let’s look at this logically…first off, what do you do with a disc? you throw it, so the first word should definitely be “throw” or “throwing” or something to that effect. Secondly, the tour route I heard about takes you north, which on a map is up, so the second word should be like “up” or something like that…

    So the logical name is; Michigan Disc Golf: The Throwing Up Tour!

    P.S. – also works with the whole checking out local breweries part of the trip. 😉

  2. win


  3. Two more weeks and I only have two comments? Come on people!!!

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