Okay, so that’s it?

I asked people on the 2nd to help me come up with names for the Michigan Disc Golf tour that I am going on at the end of August.  And all I got was a couple of names…lame.

It’s cool though, the names I got were pretty good.  So, I’m going to make a little poll and see if we get any votes on them.  Just to remind you, I’m going to take this name and put it on some t-shirts I’m making for my brother-in-law and my father-in-law to wear while we tour some West Michigan Disc Golf courses and breweries.

Whatever title wins will get the person who suggested it a free disc.  I’ll take more names if you have any.  I’m going to shorten up the voting just for the sake of giving myself some time to create the shirts.  So, ten days.  Voting will close on Friday the 30th.  Vote away!


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One response to “Okay, so that’s it?

  1. One more vote could tip the scale! Who is going to win the free disc?

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