Hey that looks familiar…

My father-in-law opened up the Kalamazoo Gazette yesterday (it was actually last Thursday the 15th, the power went out and I haven’t had a chance to get back to this post) and was flipping through it when he showed me their weekly kids section.  And what should be on the cover and the main focus of that kids section?  Disc Golf!

The whole pull-out kids section (I can’t remember what the name of that section is) is focused on what disc golf is and how to play it.  Basically talking about how great it is, how easy it is for kids to do it, and how it’s an easy way to get kids to go outside…wait this sounds familiar.  Didn’t I write about this, at least twice?   Yes.  Yes I did.  (Here and here)

I think it’s great that they are promoting disc golf and kids.  The section did a nice job covering the history of disc golf and making it look like a great time for you to take your kid out there.  I don’t think there is much more for me to say, except that if you are sitting there, with your kids running around driving you crazy, maybe you should take them out to the park and throw some discs!  It’ll be a couple of hours of your day, which isn’t bad, but you could be introducing your kid to a great sport and showing them there is something cheap and easy to do outside.


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