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First game down

Sitting outside on the porch at Founders in Grand Rapids after are first round of disc. We played a great game at Oshtemo this morning. Well…almost a great game. I hit seven on one too many baskets to justify great. But, I am trying a new disc the Mario gave me, and it worked really well on one basket.

Our next course is Old Farm Park in Grand Rapids.  Are server here at Founders said this course is a short one.  But, this is good because we are still going up to Big Rapids to play a course and go to a brewpub. So this short course should save us from playing in the dark.

Keep following this blog to see what happen next!

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Shirt designs

I was working on these shirts the last couple of nights.  Sweating on top of the iron-ons and printers making sure everything is perfect…at least almost perfect.  I thought while I have the time, I’ll show you the designs.  Not on the shirts, but what I was using to iron-on.

design sketch

This is the drawing of what is going on the front of the shirt

finished front of shirt

Here is the final design of the front of the shirt, fixed in photoshop

Back of shirt

This is the design that is on the back of the shirt

The only real problem I had was the back of the shirt, which was tough because I found our list of courses and we kinda came up with some options on the second day and we really didn’t decide on which ones to go to.  Which makes it tough to put on a shirt, when you might go to one over the other.  So, I just picked the four courses I think we should go to.

The other problem was the iron-on paper.  I didn’t realize that the white of the paper would transfer with the design.  Almost ruined my shirt plans.  But, I decided that it’s cool.  The front of the shirt is the design on a white rectangle, and for the back I just cut really close to the design, but left a border.  I think it actually turned out pretty sweet.  I’m just hoping it’ll last for a while.

Did I mention that the Wolverine cup is this weekend?!

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Getting pumped for the Wolverine cup!

We have one week before the big event and I’m super excited for it!

The courses have been picked, and I promise I will share them with you.  And the breweries are almost picked, I have the book, I just need to go through it and see what is on our path.  I also have a shirt designed, just need to get some t-shirts and iron-ons.  I think it’s  pretty amazing.  I’ll scan the page and post on here to show you the awesomeness of our shirt 🙂

I’m heading out this weekend for some practice and I’m going to do my best to practice putting all week.  Might be a little tough because I have a wedding coming up on Friday.  But, I need to make sure I can handle eight courses in two days.  Four courses a day doesn’t seem rough, but I know that it can be daunting. So, the more loose my arms are, the better.

I am planning on doing posts through out the weekend, so make sure to follow the blog to see what we have been up to.

To get my brewery side ready for the weekend, I thought I’d share a link to the brand new documentary that is going to be shown this weekend at Three Rivers.  The movie is called “Locally Buzzed” and it’s about these eight microbrew enthusiasts that travel Michigan to visit the great breweries in this state.  I’m going to be there on Saturday to see this movie.  You should go too.  Help support Michigan and Michigan beers!

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Nine holes of fun

I think I like a nine hole game of disc golf for a family event.  It’s not so long that you miss the actual event (a reunion in this case), but it is a great practice and taste for people new to the sport.  I got to experience this perfect mix the other week in Grand Rapids at Lamar Park.

The course is a nice little course with not much of a challenge, besides some water hazards, picnic areas, and baseball fields.  The majority of the holes are short, except for one, which makes up for the others.  The other hazard that you will run into is the that this park has a lot of picnic benches and picnic areas around, with some really close to the holes.  So, you have to look out for the people in these areas.  That part is annoying, considering hole number three has a creek on your left and a giant picnic area to the right of the basket.  When we were there, that area was full of people enjoying a birthday party with lots of kids.  Meaning that you had to make sure you had control of your disc.  You didn’t want to go fishing or piss off a bunch of parents.  The baseball fields also present a challenge, though not as bad as the moving hazard of children.  The baseball fields only presented you with the trouble of having to hop fences if your disc went over them.  Obviously not a problem if a game is not going on, but…you don’t really want to mess up a game by stopping the outfielder from catching a pop-fly.  Plus, if you are doing disc golf right, that is out-of-bounds.

Overall, it’s a great little place that I do recommend you checking out if you have some time up in the Grand Rapids area.  Just be prepared for the one hazard that really shouldn’t be a hazard, yet seems to be for my brother-in-law, Mario.

The pond.

This pond seems be a storm run-off, that just happens to always have water in it.  I guess there are fish, because there are usually people on the edges of it with fishing poles.  Well, this pond is on the far left of the ninth hole.  The way the hole is laid out, the pond really doesn’t seem to be in the way of anything.  You wouldn’t even really want to try to cut over it with a big throw, because the basket isn’t in place where it would make sense.  I could see it being a problem, because it is in your line of sight when you are getting ready to throw your disc.  And if you let the disc go too late when you are doing a backhand, it could fly in there.  But, for the most part it shouldn’t be an issue.

However, both times we have gone to this course, Mario has had to take a swim.  The first time was pretty bad, because the disc went into the middle of the pond.  The second time I didn’t get to see it, because he went around the course one more time than I did.  The funny thing was that as we stood around the pad for for the first round, we had joked about him doing it.  He said he had no idea why his disc went in the water.  So, he must have cursed himself, because sure enough, as we were sitting around the picnic area for the reunion he came back with wet shorts.  Moral of the story: be prepared for anything, and don’t mind getting wet.

Now on to my game…

I think I did a decent job.  The only hole I really had an issue with was hole number seven, which was the long one of the course.  My drive was good, as well as my second throw, however the third one that was suppose to get me to putting range bombed.  There is a step hill that follow the fairway on the right, and at the top of the hill is a street.  Well, my third throw took my way off course and almost on that street.

Otherwise, I actually kept on or just over par on the holes.  Now, I am starting to count par as three and not four.  Four is a safe bet, which is fine for me, but three makes me pretty happy.  I did this with my backhand and overhead throws.  These drives usually got me close enough that my next throw put me on top of the basket.  And I never really had to worry about my putts.

I’m feeling better for the Wolverine Cup 2010, not perfect, I need to practice a bit more.  I didn’t mention the dreaded forehand throw, because I didn’t even give it a thought.  I guess I chickened out a bit on that one.  I’m focusing on one thing a time, and that is definitely not it.  My putting and other drives have become priority right now.  I know those are my strong suits and I want to strengthen them up even more before the tour happens.

Have you been to this course?  Any thoughts on it that I missed?


Hit par on more holes.  Increase my putting range


Yes on both!  It was a shorter course and that might have been the reason, but hey I’ll take a win.


Biggest problem is the length of the drives.  I know most people say putting is the name of the game, but you need to be able to get to the basket to make those putts.  I want to do it in a shorter number of throws.


Practice, practice, practice!  I should try to go back to the park and throw some more discs, work the arm muscle a bit.  Also, should probably go to the courses a bit more.  Since the move has been delayed, this might be possible.

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Tour delay?

Well, life sometimes happens the way you don’t want it to.  Such as when you think you have found and bought the perfect house, the bureaucracy of  home buying steps in the way.  And this little thing sends ripples in the pond causing all sorts of issues.  Like possibly messing with the Wolverine Cup 2010 (testing out the new name).  I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens and hopefully the tour is still on, but right now it’s all up in the air.

On the bright-side, I got a post out of it and I have another post coming soon….

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Tour name in final stage

Well, it looks like the name has been chosen. “The Chain Gang” lead the poll on what we are going to name our little tour of West Michigan Disc Golf courses. And that was suggested by my brother-in-law, so, he get’s a free disc!

I’m going to throw this over to Mario and my father-in-law and see if they like this name, if so, it’ll stick.

Next up, t-shirt design…

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