Getting pumped for the Wolverine cup!

We have one week before the big event and I’m super excited for it!

The courses have been picked, and I promise I will share them with you.  And the breweries are almost picked, I have the book, I just need to go through it and see what is on our path.  I also have a shirt designed, just need to get some t-shirts and iron-ons.  I think it’s  pretty amazing.  I’ll scan the page and post on here to show you the awesomeness of our shirt 🙂

I’m heading out this weekend for some practice and I’m going to do my best to practice putting all week.  Might be a little tough because I have a wedding coming up on Friday.  But, I need to make sure I can handle eight courses in two days.  Four courses a day doesn’t seem rough, but I know that it can be daunting. So, the more loose my arms are, the better.

I am planning on doing posts through out the weekend, so make sure to follow the blog to see what we have been up to.

To get my brewery side ready for the weekend, I thought I’d share a link to the brand new documentary that is going to be shown this weekend at Three Rivers.  The movie is called “Locally Buzzed” and it’s about these eight microbrew enthusiasts that travel Michigan to visit the great breweries in this state.  I’m going to be there on Saturday to see this movie.  You should go too.  Help support Michigan and Michigan beers!


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