New t-shirt for a new tour

Hi all,  I’m back with a new t-shirt design for my disc golf tour of Illinois.  This tour is going to be just a one day tour, but we are going to be hitting up some semi new ones for me.  These are all going to be up in the north west area of Illinois and I’m hoping to hit up Fairfield Park in Round Lake, which has the longest hole in Illinois, 845 feet!

Some of these courses I might have already visited, but it’s been a couple of years so it’ll be nice to see if I have improved.  Illinois is where I really fell in love with disc golf, kind of hit my teen years there, you could say.  I would go out by myself and hit up the course near my apartment in Crystal Lake and have a great time.  And I would explore and see some of the other courses where like, such as Fairfield Park.  I did go there once before.  And that long hole is the last one and is something to see.  There were people camped out on the rough just chilling, it’s that long.  I think if you have a strong driver you could do it in five or six throws, I think it took me 11!

Anyway, this tour was something we talked about for a while, but didn’t really plan until last week.  So, it was sort of a rush to come up with a shirt design and then to make it.  I’m going to try this new thing (at least to me…) of bleaching a stencil on to a shirt.  I didn’t like how the iron-on transfer worked for last year’s tour, felt like a blob of paint on the middle of the shirt, so this will help make the shirt a bit thinner.  However, I’m not so sure on if people will actually get to see us with the shirts on.  The weather might be bad.  Or at least kinda cool, keeping us in coats.  But, they should be sweet shirts to wear, so it’s all good.

Here are the stencils I used…the eight bit guy I kinda borrowed from Reddit, but I don’t think they’ll mind 🙂

Text for the back of the shirt

This is the text that will be on the back of the shirt

These are the different images that will be bleached onto the shirts



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