Innova Flight Path charts combined

I found this on Reddit and had to share it.  Redditor TemptationsPage combined all of the Innova Flight charts into one big one.

Innova Flight path

Thanks to TemptionsPage from Reddit for combining all of the Innova Flight Path charts into one big chart

I like this chart better than trying to figure out the numbers Innova uses to describe what their discs do.  Seeing a visual path of what a disc is made to do definitely helps when purchasing a new disc.  Innova’s flight paths feel accurate.  I know when I took my discs out into a field and threw them without any obstruction, they generally followed these paths.  Obviously, you have more control over the path, depending on when you let go of the disc and how much power you put behind it.

Do you use these charts?  How do you decide what disc you want to buy?



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