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Changes in life and going to be gone for a while…

I’m sorry for being away for such a long time.  I really meant to continue to post to this blog all year long and to also go disc golfing all year long.  Well, there has been a bit of a life change for me and that has caused me to put somethings on pause.  Including this blog and disc golfing.

The big life change is that I have joined the Army National Guard and basic training is right around the corner.  Like I’m shipping out next Tuesday (Jan 11) and I won’t be back until June.

So, with that hanging over my head, I have been sorta busy getting all of my ducks in a row.  I actually joined back in October and with the holidays my head has been all over the place.

I won’t get a chance to get on here during Basic (duh), but I am hoping that I might get a chance to hop on here during my Advanced Training.  Maybe give you a quick update on how that is going.  Maybe if I’m lucky I could actually go out disc golfing…I’ll be in Maryland, they have courses, right?

But, once I get back I do plan on going out to the courses and getting my game back in order.

I hope you’ll come back and visit and see what’s happening.  I’m always open for comments if you have gone out disc golfing.

Talk to you soon!

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