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Dear Robert Morris Park

I have gone to your park in Comstock for quite some time.  When there is a guy at the guard box I have paid the fee to use the park.  It’s a reasonable fee, I believe between 5 and 10 dollars.  But, when the gate is open, and there is nobody at the guard box, I assumed the fee was waived.  There is no easily visible sign, say at the entrance to the park, or maybe at the guard box, to tell me that there is still a fee.  Nothing that says you still need to pay or you are going to get a ticket.  This is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday April 20th, I got a ticket.  And it wasn’t just me that received the ticket, it was the 20 -30 other cars in your parking lot that also got the $10 ticket.

I use your park for disc golf, as I am assuming a lot of other people do too.  I don’t mind having to pay to use your park.  You guys usually keep the park clean, you have signs at all of your pads (except one I think), and I think the fee keeps some of the kids that are just there to get drunk and stoned out of the park.  But, my problem is the fact I had no idea I had to pay to use the park when it’s the winter or when nobody is at the guard box.  The sign at the front entrance has the fees to use the park, but none of them say anything about the fee for the off-season.

I talked to one of your staff yesterday to find out why I got the ticket, she was very nice by the way, and she explained that there is always a fee.  I asked her how and where do we pay that fee when nobody is there and she said that there is a mailbox on the side of the guard box.  I told her that I’ve been going there almost every week since January and I’ve never received a ticket (or seen this mailbox), she told me that she goes out all year and gives people tickets.  If people are always getting tickets there (like I said, I saw that every car in the parking lot had a ticket), why not make it much more obvious that you need to pay to use the park?  And you can’t say that it’s easy to see, because it’s not, and if that many people got a ticket, they too didn’t see that they had to pay.

I will probably buy the annual pass to use your park, because it’s a great course, and worth paying the fee for the annual pass instead of the daily pass.  But, please, please, please, make it obvious that people have to pay to use your park when nobody is at the guard box. I’m sure the majority of users won’t mind paying, because it’s better to pay than to get a parking ticket, but help us follow that law by putting the mailbox somewhere for use to easily use.


Matt, a disc golfer

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