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Tour delay?

Well, life sometimes happens the way you don’t want it to.  Such as when you think you have found and bought the perfect house, the bureaucracy of  home buying steps in the way.  And this little thing sends ripples in the pond causing all sorts of issues.  Like possibly messing with the Wolverine Cup 2010 (testing out the new name).  I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens and hopefully the tour is still on, but right now it’s all up in the air.

On the bright-side, I got a post out of it and I have another post coming soon….

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Planning the big tour

There are so many great disc golf courses in Michigan that I wish I could visit them all, at least once.  It would be nice to be able to say that I’ve tried them all and I have my favorites that I think you should check out.  I think that would really help boost my coolness level here on the blog, don’t you?

Well, I am working on this goal.

At the beginning of August, I will be touring the west site of the state with my brother-in-law, Mario, and my father-in-law.  We are planning a weekend of hitting about eight courses, four a day.  I believe that’s a nice amount, considering drive time, finding the course, figuring out the course, and then moving on to the next one.  Oh, and we plan on trying to stop by some Michigan breweries as well…so that might slow down our progress a bit.

The eight courses have been picked.  This past weekend, we got together and poured over the book Disc Golf Michigan, a book that I have talked about before (see here).  There is a great map at the beginning of the book that shows you where all of the courses are, and we used this to guide our way north and then again back south.  We are planning to head up toward Big Rapids and then come back south closer to the coast, making stops in Grand Rapids and Holland.

Courses in Michigan

Here is a map of courses in Michigan. Courtesy of Disc Golf Michigan

In the next couple of weeks I plan on mentioning the courses we going to, giving my initial reactions to the reviews that I read and if I find online posting the maps.  I also plan on doing a lot more practicing, sharing my results and what I need to improve on.  Obviously, if you have advice, please share it with me, I’ll take it.  And finally, I’m planning on creating a t-shirt for the three of us to wear, so I’ll share the designs and get your opinion on them.

Hopefully you enjoy this little adventure and tour we are going on, and maybe inspire you to do one as well this summer.

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It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity…

I’m slowly getting back into a rhythm and I’ve been able to go disc golfing two Saturdays in a row.  It’s amazing, I know!  I can see how excited you are for me…

It did feel good, even though the first Saturday was extremely hot and sticky. But, anytime I am out on the course and I hear the chain rattle in the basket, I am happy I’m out there.

Let’s talk about that first Saturday now and then in my next post I’ll talk about the second Saturday.

My father-in-law and I headed down to Three Rivers to check out the north course  at Meyer Broadway.  We had gone to the original course a couple of times, but didn’t know about the north course until picking up the Disc Golf Michigan book and talking to people at the course.  The north course is a ton of fun, with a lot of open fields to test out some of your long throws.  Plus, some good wooded holes that gave it some nice spice.  I don’t have much to complain about that course, except maybe the lack of direction to find each hole.

Some of the holes were pretty obvious, but the middle nine were a little difficult to track down.  Two of the wooded holes, I believe seven and eight, were laid out in a way where it looked like you were shooting for the seventh basket yet that was really the eight one.  Basically, hole seven’s fairway was the same fairway for hole eight.  The basket of hole seven was to the right of the fairway, in a little clearing next to a wicked little swamp.  Which was really nasty considering it had rained the day before, you had to be real careful with your putt, otherwise that putter was gone.  The basket for hole eight was at the top of the fairway and a hill.  But standing at the pad on hole seven, it looked like the basket on hole eight was your basket.  Would have cost me a shot if we were playing in a tournament.

Besides that little issue, I highly recommend the course.  In fact, the entire 36 holes at Meyer Broadway would make a great day.  With a nice little pavilion in between the two courses you could have a fun little tournament with some friends.

Now, I guess I should talk about how I did.  I was worried about my game, because I haven’t gone out that much, it was a new course, and the heat was horrible.  However, I want to say I was about fifty percent on.  Which means I kept myself at about average.  I didn’t go down in skill, but I certainly haven’t improved either.  It is still taking me about nine holes to warm up and get a good throwing arm, but that’s not to say the nine holes are consecutive.  A couple of the early holes on the north course worked out in my favor, giving me par and excellent throws.  And some of the later holes gave me a horrible case of random throws to the middle of nowhere that cost me any stroke advantage I could of had.  What this really means to me and my progress is stamina and being able to keep my energy up for all 18 holes, as well as being able to get out of the gate at a good speed.  Those first couple of holes could cost me the entire game.  Unless I can really catch up on the back nine, I would be behind the entire game and never be able to catch up.  Any golfing advice on starting strong?

One thing that I believe ties into the dip in my game is the stopping and hunting for discs.  Here at Meyer Broadway all of the holes that are in the fields have thick tall grass around the fairway, making it difficult to find a disc, that might have flown in there.   We spent a lot of that day trekking through the grass trying to find our discs.  This stops any momentum you might of had, and causes you to throw from a position that might not be that great to start from, as well as possibly lose a disc.  I feel like it would almost be worth throwing a shorter distance that you know will land in the fairway, then to go all out and have to spend 10 minutes digging in the grass.  Which also would save you from having wet discs.  With the humidity the way it was, every time it went into the grass, the disc came out slick and difficult to hold on to.  Make sure to have a towel with you when you are playing there.

I tried the overhand throw a bit more this time around, with positive results.  Especially in the wooded sections of the course.  I was lucky enough to find the corridor between the trees and have my disc go it’s entire distance with out hitting a tree.  That made me feel good on a number of holes where my father-in-law’s disc smacked into a tree trunk.  My forehand throw is still not where it should be, though sometimes it looks pretty.  I do love the flight path of the forehand throw, when it’s thrown properly.  I think too, if you aim for the pretty throw, it will probably go further and do what you want.  You don’t want a lame floppy disc flying out of your hand, that is bound to end poorly.

Overall, I’m happy to be able to semi-regularly get out to the course, and happy that my game didn’t go completely down the crapper.  I wish it would be a bit more regular… but I have a strong feeling that most people won’t be able to get out all the time, with life happening.  I plan on heading out there again, which I feel is only necessary to get a good idea on a course.  Have you had a chance to hit the course in the last couple of weeks?


Hit par

Keep my disc in the fairway

Improve forehand throw



I didn’t do any of these things.  I think I might have hit par on one or two holes, but not enough to justify it being a reached goal


I will say that with a new course, comes the added challenge of figuring out each hole, therefore taking away from the ability to improve.  You are forced to focus on finding the basket, understanding the hole, and knowing where not to throw.


Try to get past the new course challenge.  Considering that I want to try new courses, I should be able to easily adapt.  Therefore, I need to work on varying the courses I go to around here in Kalamazoo, keeping myself guessing on the holes.

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