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Disc Golfing Up North

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and while it was a bit cold, we went up to Petoskey for some camping and….some disc golf!  And a great course was found and played while up there, Kiwanis Park in Harbor Springs.

At the top of a hill Arbor Springs dead ends into the park.  And that hill is a precursor to the hills you’ll find through the course.  It looks like the park is used for sledding in the winter, and maybe other park-like activities, but for the most part I imagine it is used for the great course there.  According to the Harbor Springs website, the course is taken care off by the city as well as local disc golfers, and you can tell.  The course is really clean, which is great because I don’t understand why people assume it’s okay to throw their trash anywhere while they play, and the signs for each hole are great.  I mean look at this…


You get an aerial view of the hole, out of bounds marked, a flight path (sometimes two…), and even an arrow pointing to where the other hole is.  They also had clear paths between each hole, some lined with tree limbs.

Having been about nine months since I’ve gone disc golfing, it was a good day for me.  The majority of the holes were in the woods, and were less than 200 feet, keeping us on a short game that focused on putting.  I was usually able to get up to the putting area within one or two, depending on the placement of trees and the choice of disc.

I found myself overthrowing my target and having to backtrack to get to the basket.  This came from misjudging my disc choice.  I have a Discraft Avenger driver, which is great for a long distance throw, I can cover a lot of ground with it and it flies extremely straight.  However, this can be bad when assuming that you won’t be able to make it to the basket because of trees.  Yet, when you throw, the disc whistles past the trees and the basket and ends up landing at the pad for a hole you’ve already done.

This happened a couple of times.  I need to not always assume I’m going to hit a tree.  I also need to know what my discs do.  I need to know that the Avenger flies straight, and the Starfire will turn toward the left.  I also need to be confident in my choice when I get the disc out of my bag.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my performance.  I only had one hole that I really screwed up, hitting multiple trees and letting go of the disc way too soon.  But, I was able to recover on the next hole with a score of two.  I ended up being only one behind my father-in-law, which I was pretty proud of.  I kept myself as close to par as I could.

There were only a couple of people at the course when we played.  There was a large group ahead of us, but we quickly overcame them by hole 11.  We did have to wait for this couple that randomly started at 10 and then jumped over to hole two.  I guess I could see getting confused because hole 10 is right next to the parking lot, and hole one is somewhat hidden.  It took us a couple of minutes to see that it was near the clubhouse but off in the shadow of some trees.  However, the holes are really obvious.  There is a pretty big sign stating what hole you are on.  So, I’m not sure if they just wanted to change up the course or felt like it would be too much to search for hole one(oh, there was a big map near the parking lot as well…), but we had to watch them.  It’s not a big deal except that the guy decided to be cool and throw a couple of discs.  And then we had to watch his girlfriend whiff a disc into the woods.

It’s great to be back outside disc golfing again, I’m hoping to get out more often.  There are some new courses around Kalamazoo I need to check out, and there are some great ones up in Grand Rapids I need to get back to.  Thanks for suffering through an extremely long drought of posts, but I’m going to try to get back on here more often.

Aim for the Chains

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I’m back!

Hi all!

I’m back from my National Guard training and ready to get back in my disc golf adventures.  It was a great experience and if anyone has any questions about joining the guard or about Basic Training/AIT post something in the comments section and I’ll try to answer it for you.

But this blog is not about the National Guard, it’s about disc golf.  I did not get a chance to play while I was at AIT, all we had were taxi’s to take us places and they really tried to cheat you on prices.

So I’ve been out of the loop for awhile.  Which is where you come in.  Hit me up and let me know what is going on in the world of disc golf.  Any new courses you want to talk about?  Anyone go on a cool disc golf tour they want to talk about?

I did check out the Kalamazoo Air Zoo course, which I will talk about soon.  And I plan on getting out weekly now, so you should see some more action on this blog.

Also, I’m looking for good pictures of courses in the Michigan area.  I can’t seem to find any and don’t have the time to roll around the state taking pictures.  So, if you have some, give me a holler and we can share them with everyone.

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Wolverine Cup — Day One

The weekend of August 28-29 was the inaugural weekend for the Wolverine Cup.  The plan for the weekend was to get the family together and travel the west side of Michigan to play at different Disc Golf courses and try out some different Michigan brews.  Not knowing how this weekend was going to turn out, we decided on just three of us:  Mario (my brother-in-law), Win (my father-in-law) and myself.  And we planned on trying out three courses the first day:  Kalamazoo – Oshtemo Township Park, Grand Rapids – Old Farm Park, and Big Rapids – Northend Riverside Park.  Then four courses the second day: Ludington – Mason County Park, Whitehall – Whitehall Township, Fremont – Branstrom Park, and Holland – Winstrom Preserve.  In between these courses we were going to try hitting up some Michigan breweries and try out some local beers.

This was the plan, however the execution of the plan was a little different.  I think the problem was judging driving distances and playing new courses.  As most disc golfers know, when you are trying a new course there are going to be issues.  Issues of knowing where all of the pads and baskets are, issues of finding a disc when it was tossed into the underbrush, and issues of actually finding the course.  We ran into all of these, but we learned from our mistakes.  I think the plan for next year will be to start a day earlier and possibly picking courses that are closer together.  Because the driving time is what killed our second day, where we only got to play two of the four courses we planned.

I will now go over the first day and later this week give you the second day.

It was a great weekend for disc golf and we enjoyed every minute of it.  The weather was a bit on the warm side, but we missed any of the heat by being in the car. However, there was no chance of rain and their wasn’t much wind the whole weekend.  The night before our weekend was our cousin-in-law’s wedding, in which we played the important role of setting up and taking down, which meant that we had a late night and early morning.

And it begins…

Oshtemo Township Park

I have talked in detail about this course in the past and won’t give you any detailed description about it.  I will say that it’s a great warm up for the rest of the day.  Having varied baskets, you get to practice throwing in the woods as well as long holes.   Plus, going this early meant there wasn’t very many people on the course, saving us waiting time and allowing us the chance to finish up and be on our way.


Oshtemo Township Park Course

Mario and Win trying to get a disc out of a tree


I had a bit of a rough morning, making glaring mistakes and having obvious throwing problems.  Mario gave me an Innova Reaper to try out.  This disc will naturally go left if thrown backhand, but if you hold the disc right (kinda at a 45 degree angle from the ground) you can get it to go to the right and it helps you when the course dog legs to the right.


Osthemo Township Park Course

Win throwing his disc near the end of the course.


Plus the disc flies fast and floats, giving you great distance.  I wasn’t planning on doing anything new this weekend, I wanted to go with what I knew, so backhands and overhead throws were my norm.

We did discover that to save some time we would have a spotter.  Someone to run out and watch where our discs are going.  This was really helpful at Oshtemo because the trees were thick and we had some searching issues.  But, once we got the spotter out there he was able to save us some hunting time.  And in the end this saved us at least an half an hour.


Oshtemo Township Park Course

Mario sinking the putt at hole 18.


Old Farm Park

After Oshtemo we drove up to Grand Rapids to get lunch at Founders and then go to Old Farm Park.  Founders is a pretty amazing brewery up in Grand Rapids that I highly recommend.  The sandwiches were filling and the beer great for a summer day.  As we sat outside enjoying lunch our waiter noticed the shirts I made and we talked about the weekend.  He suggested going to a different course, saying that Old Farm Park wasn’t very good or difficult.  But, having already made the shirts, the plan was set.  Sorry waiter guy.  You can’t lie on a t-shirt, I think it’s a law.

The plan was actually to pick a course that wasn’t hard.  We wanted a somewhat easy one that we could breeze through before heading up to Big Rapids.  And according to the Disc Golf Michigan book, this course was exactly what we wanted.

After playing the course, I can say that the book and waiter were correct.  It wasn’t difficult.  Most baskets were around the 200 foot mark, though not all.  The nice thing was that they were clearly labeled and there wasn’t much underbrush to cause any searching issues.  However, there were some water hazards, including a really nasty looking pond that I think had the Swamp Thing in there, and he would steal your discs because he liked to play at night.

I had a better time at this course, though some stray moments of pain and stress.  I didn’t start out strong.  The first hole is deceptively easy, with a straight shot to the basket which is on a slight hill, a bump really.  However, my disc decided to go way to the right of the basket.  But, I didn’t let this slip ruin my game.  The rest of the holes were pretty uneventful.  They are laid out in this strip of trees in the park.  I hit par on the rest of the front nine holes.

The back nine had a little more challenge, with holes 10, 11, 12 and13 all in a field.  This is where you could pull out some fire and have your disc fly.  Which I did.  Only on hole 11 my disc decided to go a little further and to the right of the basket.  I was trying out the Reaper and I guess I held it at too much of an angle.  But, I was still proud of the distance of the disc and I was able to make it back up.


Old Farm Park Course

Here is the "deceptive" Hole 15...


I should mention that through out all of this Mario and my father-in-law were doing great.  We all stayed pretty even through out the whole course.  They only had a couple of funny issues with the back nine.  On hole 14 a stream was on the left and the hole was on an incline.  Well, Mario had a nice throw, except  his disc decided to be a roller and just couldn’t make it up the hill, and rolled right back down and into the deepest part of the stream.  And then both Mario and Win had a perception problem with hole 15.  It seemed like a simple hole, the pad was on the top of a hill, the Swamp Thing’s pond was to the right and the basket was kinda on the incline of the other side of the valley.  But, from this angle you could see the basket for hole 17 on the other side of the pond.  I guess they both didn’t see the basket on the hill, but they did see the basket on the other side of the pond.  Both were freaking out on getting it over there.  I didn’t quite understand the issue and assumed they were worried the wind would push their discs into the pond.  I believe I was the first to throw and I was on target for the correct basket.  Mario and Win threw, and were on the right track for the correct one, but didn’t realize it.


Old Farm Park Course

Mario letting loose on hole 15, though aiming for the wrong basket...


They got up to do their second throws and both threw the disc at a really funny angle.  I was totally lost at this point and asked what they were doing.  I then pointed to the correct basket, which caused them to laugh and try to decide if they wanted to start that basket over again.  I guess that’s what you get for looking for a challenge and not paying attention.

Hole 17 did offer a bit of a problem, mainly because you were throwing to a basket that was in front of the pond (the one they thought you were suppose to throw to on the earlier basket).  But, no one went into the pond.  There was a couple in front of us that did make it in the pond and were trying to bargain with Swamp Thing while we finished up the course.  The whole course maybe took us two hours, if that.

Northend Riverside Park

Now we were on our way up to Big Rapids and to Northend Riverside Park.  Which is about a hour north of Grand Rapids.  We were making good time.  We would be up to Big Rapids around five, get our hotel room, find the course, play the course and do dinner around eight.  But, the heat and drive of the day was starting to wear on us.  We looked pretty tired once we got to the hotel and I could feel a headache coming on.  Probably not drinking enough water.  After dropping our stuff off at the hotel and sitting for a minute researching where the course was and where dinner was we got back on the trail.

This was Mario’s favorite course of the weekend, and I would find it difficult to disagree.  Mason County Park was pretty amazing, but the one in Big Rapids had everything you could ask for and gave you just enough challenge to make it interesting the entire time.  And the park ran along the Muskegon River, a beautiful river that a lot of the Ferris State University students use to go tubing.

Our first problem though was finding the start of the course.  The Disc Golf Michigan book pointed us to what we thought was the park that held the course.  But, after walking a mile on a path that ran parallel to the river we discovered a different park, the correct park.  So, after an all day marathon of disc golf  we walked an extra mile to try out a challenging new course.  Great way to start…

Northend River Park’s disc golf course is supposedly kept up by a disc golf pro.  And it shows.  Easily marked signs, clean baskets and pads, and some challenging baskets prove that somebody loves this course and uses it to prepare for big events.  The front nine were in mostly open spaces with some woods around the baskets, the back nine, or  what a wooden sign showed as “Anhyzer Country” was in the forest.  But in a neat forest with tall tress that really only had branches in the way.


Northend Riverside Park course

Here I am lining up a putt


We didn’t run into very many people at this course, which was fine because we did need to concentrate.  The day was catching up with us and near the end of the course we were sitting on the benches waiting our turn, instead of standing watching the others throw.  There was a nice breeze coming off the river and the sun was going down, keeping the temperature cool.

Each basket had a unique challenge, either going up a hill or going around trees.  Most of the fairways were clear.  But narrow.  You really wanted to throw straight on the majority of the baskets.

I actually did my best game of the day here.  I think it just took me a long time to warm up and knowing the day was almost done also helped.  I had some powerful throws and didn’t hit many trees.  Not saying that I didn’t hit any tree,  I definitely left my mark on a couple of trees.  But I only had one real issue, and that was overthrowing and having the disc curve the wrong way.  I think I was still getting use to the Reaper and its tendency to curve.  This caused a problem with the last basket.

The last basket of the day was challenging because it had two huge garbage trees in the way of you and the basket.  And then on the left side of the trees and basket was the road and a lot of rough.  The correct way would have been to go low and easy to the right and sink a par.  However, my disc decided to discover what the road was like.  And it was a beautiful road, so that was nice.  But, not where you want to be when you all decided to make a bet on who was going to get the car.


Northend Riverside Park course

A neat peace sign on the path to the end of the disc golf course


End of Day One

We were soaked from sweat.

And after much discussion, we decided on taking showers before going to eat.  Well, I didn’t really plan on that and only packed the bare minimum.  So, I had to wear some sweat boxers to dinner.  But, it’s cool.  I can’t smell so I was fine.

Big Rapids Brewing Company is in a restaurant called the Blue Cow.  The Blue Cow is a sort of a fancy restaurant.  Not a required dress place, but the food was upscale.  Perfect for the end of a long day.  We each tried a different beer, mine was the Strong Ale, and ate some amazing chicken.

After that was back to the hotel for a really tired game of Hearts and sleep.

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First game down

Sitting outside on the porch at Founders in Grand Rapids after are first round of disc. We played a great game at Oshtemo this morning. Well…almost a great game. I hit seven on one too many baskets to justify great. But, I am trying a new disc the Mario gave me, and it worked really well on one basket.

Our next course is Old Farm Park in Grand Rapids.  Are server here at Founders said this course is a short one.  But, this is good because we are still going up to Big Rapids to play a course and go to a brewpub. So this short course should save us from playing in the dark.

Keep following this blog to see what happen next!

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Shirt designs

I was working on these shirts the last couple of nights.  Sweating on top of the iron-ons and printers making sure everything is perfect…at least almost perfect.  I thought while I have the time, I’ll show you the designs.  Not on the shirts, but what I was using to iron-on.

design sketch

This is the drawing of what is going on the front of the shirt

finished front of shirt

Here is the final design of the front of the shirt, fixed in photoshop

Back of shirt

This is the design that is on the back of the shirt

The only real problem I had was the back of the shirt, which was tough because I found our list of courses and we kinda came up with some options on the second day and we really didn’t decide on which ones to go to.  Which makes it tough to put on a shirt, when you might go to one over the other.  So, I just picked the four courses I think we should go to.

The other problem was the iron-on paper.  I didn’t realize that the white of the paper would transfer with the design.  Almost ruined my shirt plans.  But, I decided that it’s cool.  The front of the shirt is the design on a white rectangle, and for the back I just cut really close to the design, but left a border.  I think it actually turned out pretty sweet.  I’m just hoping it’ll last for a while.

Did I mention that the Wolverine cup is this weekend?!

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Getting pumped for the Wolverine cup!

We have one week before the big event and I’m super excited for it!

The courses have been picked, and I promise I will share them with you.  And the breweries are almost picked, I have the book, I just need to go through it and see what is on our path.  I also have a shirt designed, just need to get some t-shirts and iron-ons.  I think it’s  pretty amazing.  I’ll scan the page and post on here to show you the awesomeness of our shirt 🙂

I’m heading out this weekend for some practice and I’m going to do my best to practice putting all week.  Might be a little tough because I have a wedding coming up on Friday.  But, I need to make sure I can handle eight courses in two days.  Four courses a day doesn’t seem rough, but I know that it can be daunting. So, the more loose my arms are, the better.

I am planning on doing posts through out the weekend, so make sure to follow the blog to see what we have been up to.

To get my brewery side ready for the weekend, I thought I’d share a link to the brand new documentary that is going to be shown this weekend at Three Rivers.  The movie is called “Locally Buzzed” and it’s about these eight microbrew enthusiasts that travel Michigan to visit the great breweries in this state.  I’m going to be there on Saturday to see this movie.  You should go too.  Help support Michigan and Michigan beers!

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Tour name in final stage

Well, it looks like the name has been chosen. “The Chain Gang” lead the poll on what we are going to name our little tour of West Michigan Disc Golf courses. And that was suggested by my brother-in-law, so, he get’s a free disc!

I’m going to throw this over to Mario and my father-in-law and see if they like this name, if so, it’ll stick.

Next up, t-shirt design…

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