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Some upcoming tournaments in the K’zoo area

Thought I’d share some news on tournaments that I have seen coming up here in the Kalamazoo area for the next couple of weeks:

May 22 at Grand Woods (Lansing)

Capitol City Challenge

I haven’t played at this course, so I couldn’t tell you how much of a challenge it would be.  But the cost is only 10 bucks to get in, which isn’t bad.

May 23 at Robert Morris park

The Big Bob Open

It’s 16 bucks if your novice and starts at 9:00 am.

June 6 at Meyer Broadway Park (Three Rivers)

Club Dead Shoot Out

I couldn’t find any info on time or cost, but it’s something.

That’s about all I could find right now, but I’ll keep my eye for anymore that might come up.  Tournaments are fun to check out, and it’s not that expensive to play.  I watched one in Illinois for the newspaper I worked at and learned a lot of great techniques and got to see how some professionals do it.  My goal is to eventually be a part of one of these tournaments, but that might be a little bit.

Good golfing this weekend!

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