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Shirt designs

I was working on these shirts the last couple of nights.  Sweating on top of the iron-ons and printers making sure everything is perfect…at least almost perfect.  I thought while I have the time, I’ll show you the designs.  Not on the shirts, but what I was using to iron-on.

design sketch

This is the drawing of what is going on the front of the shirt

finished front of shirt

Here is the final design of the front of the shirt, fixed in photoshop

Back of shirt

This is the design that is on the back of the shirt

The only real problem I had was the back of the shirt, which was tough because I found our list of courses and we kinda came up with some options on the second day and we really didn’t decide on which ones to go to.  Which makes it tough to put on a shirt, when you might go to one over the other.  So, I just picked the four courses I think we should go to.

The other problem was the iron-on paper.  I didn’t realize that the white of the paper would transfer with the design.  Almost ruined my shirt plans.  But, I decided that it’s cool.  The front of the shirt is the design on a white rectangle, and for the back I just cut really close to the design, but left a border.  I think it actually turned out pretty sweet.  I’m just hoping it’ll last for a while.

Did I mention that the Wolverine cup is this weekend?!


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